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Top tips to keep cool in the warmer weather through pregnancy and with your baby

It's getting hot again! I thought I'd spend a bit of time compiling some ideas to keep cool this summer - for you and for your little one!

Water play

Water in the summer is a great way to keep cool and hydrated. For babies and grown ups alike, splashing feet in a washing up bowl of cooled water can lower the body temperature without being too extreme, with the added bonus of that sensory play for babies, from the noise of splashing water, varying tactile experience and light reflection.

Ice lollies

Who doesn't love a good ice lolly?! For babies once they have started solids and for parents, why not make your own? Pureed fruit, and smoothie lollies can be a great way to meet your vitamin intake as well as keeping cool.

Skin to skin

This one is more for the babies, but did you know that a woman's breasts regulate temperature independently, meaning that you can cool your baby down as well as warm them up. Keep checking in on baby, to ensure they don't overheat, but if needed another excuse to strip off and enjoy that oxytocin factor of closeness with you baby, here it is!

Open the windows, close the curtains

Just sound advice, if nothing else, to allow the air to circulate but prevent the heat of the sun from penetrating the room. Allowing through ways for air to move through your home will keep cooler air circulating and allow you and your baby to regulate their temperature.

Shaded walks

With the sunshine, it's a good opportunity to get a dose of vitamin D, as well as enjoy the endorphins from some light exercise. Stick to shaded parts, so when you head out choose locations that are well covered, so that you can enjoy the breeze in the outdoors without the heat and the risk of direct light. Note: NEVER cover your baby's pram with a blanket or muslin as this may overheat them.

Keep hydrated

Seems like an obvious one, possibly, but it's worth mentioning. When we're parenting, we sometimes forget about ourselves, and when pregnant and breastfeeding you may need more fluids than usual. If your baby is breastfed, continue to feed them as often as they signal for, there's no need to give them extra water. For formula fed babies, guidelines suggest to continue as normal with milk feeds, and you can offer cooled boiled water in addition to these, but not to replace feeds with water. If you're concerned or have any questions, speak to your GP, Midwife or Health Visitor

For further support and guidance, the NHS has information on their website here for babies and here for adults.

Stay safe!

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