• Becky @ Baby Brain

Positive Affirmations for New Parents

Parenting is HARD. And with the unpredictable weather, a combination of a heatwave and a storm, and continued uncertainty around the pandemic, I've added below 5 of my favourite mantras to get you through your day.

Practicing positive affirmations might feel odd to begin with, but the reason behind doing so is that they can help to train your brain into a positive state of calm when used often, and reduce cortisol and adrenaline which may come from negative affirmations, and stressful situations around us. Reducing this state of anxiety can help us to focus, so think about finding a safe environment for you to take a break.

Take some time to grab a cuppa and sit and snuggle with your baby whilst practicing some long slow out breaths and repeat the affirmation that resonates with you the most.

Stay safe through these challenging times <3

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