• Becky @ Baby Brain

Making the Switch!

So, as you may have already seen on some of the social media updates, I am starting the switch to online classes this week!

What does that mean if you had already paid for sessions?

Currently, I have only converted the remainder of the Baby Massage Courses online, where possible at the existing times, and also transferred those for the Sleep and Introducing Solids workshops as agreed.

Charlie has spoken to those with the photo sessions booked and, as agreed, will arrange photoshoots for you when it's possible.

For all other face to face sessions that have been paid for, including yoga passes, other Baby Event sessions and future Baby Massage courses, I will be releasing full or proportional refunds to the remaining sessions over the coming week.

What will the online sessions look like moving forwards?

With the current uncertainty regarding the national situation and guidance, as well as my personal circumstances regarding a close family member's health, I have decided to refrain from offering full online courses.

Instead, I plan to offer standalone sessions with as much consistency as possible for you all, so rather than committing to several weeks ahead, you can join in as and when you are able to.

Where possible, I'll be offering a pay what you can option: I understand that these times can be financially tricky, and this is to ensure that no matter what your situation, you can still join along with the sessions.

Shortly, the website will be updated to highlight the online sessions that I'm planning on offering over the coming weeks (though not all will be every week!), but for now, this should give you an idea!

Single Baby Massage Sessions

Mother & Baby Yoga Classes

Yoga for Pregnancy Classes

Baby Music Sessions

Storytime Sessions

One final note...

I really am thankful for the tremendous support and patience that you have all shown over the past few weeks. It makes me feel incredibly proud to be part of the community, and if you are able to continue to support the sessions while we go through this rocky period, please know that it makes a huge difference.

All the best, and see you on the other side (or on the screen!),


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