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COVID-19 and Your Classes

I was hoping I would never have to write this, but here we are.

As of today, I've taken the decision to remove my children from school and start some extreme social distancing, as I'm in regular contact with my Dad who is immunosuppressed. I take them to their appointments each week, and the coronavirus poses a very real threat.

I need to clarify now that this is due to my personal circumstance: Typically I wouldn't have worried about the virus and it would be business as usual with increased hygiene protocols at classes, but with working in several venues with large footfalls from all sorts of exposures, I've made the decision that the personal risk to my Dad is currently too high (on the basis of the rate that it's spreading and not being symptomatic while contagious). It is also worth recognising that the effect that it seems to have on babies and small people is minimal, so I have few concerns there, but would urge parents to keep an eye on the current guidance.

So what does this mean for your classes?

The Baby Event - Sunday 15th March

I'm afraid that as it stands I'm cancelling the workshops that I'm running on Sunday, so if you have booked onto any of the following, I will be in contact with you directly to confirm the postponement, and over the following week I'll be coming up with some alternatives in which I'll be in contact with you for in due course.

Spring Sensory Play, Introducing Solids, Development Through Play, Baby and Infant Sleep are all affected.

Regarding Charlie's photoshoot slots, she is intending to move these to Mother's Day on the 22nd March as her individual risks are low for the virus, and the Coop is open for a lunch. Those with slots, I will confirm what you would prefer to do individually, today and tomorrow, and pass the relevant details to Charlie for her to handle your appointments moving forward.

Baby Massage Courses and Yoga Classes

Tentatively, I am putting these on hold, and I'm going to make a plan to continue the rest of the course after the Easter Holidays at the same time and dates, and will keep you all updated should anything change with these.

Anybody with current yoga bookings will have a pass generated for them with the relevant number of sessions so bookings can be made as desired when the classes are back up and running.

Private Courses

I'll be in touch on an individual basis, and we will rearrange the classes as and when we are able to and have a better picture moving forward.


I would very much like to thank everyone for their patience, kindness and understanding through this period.

I realise that it can feel quite scary, and fortunately for the most part, it will have a very small direct impact on most people, which is why I have stressed that it is down to my own personal circumstances that I'm taking additional precautions.

I understand that it can feel incredibly frustrating, particularly when your individual risks are low, and as a practitioner I am currently doing my best for those that I am directly in contact with who have increased risks.

I also understand that the uncertainty over timings can be hard, so I will do my best to keep those with bookings informed along the way. I'm doing all the work currently with my children in the background so it's taking a little longer than I'd hope!

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