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Classes & Workshops Update

With lockdown releasing, I thought it might be appropriate to write an update about what I'm looking forward to with classes over the coming months.

There's no doubt that one of the main benefits of attending classes and workshops is to meet and get to know other parents and parents to be, and I think as a practitioner, this is one of the hardest things to get my head around how to facilitate this in a safe manner.

Current guidelines restrict "socialising" indoors to two households, and granted there is an educational element to all of my sessions, always, managing this and reducing risks is going to prove challenging.

With potentially local lockdowns and other unknowns, and the debate over whether masks should be used during classes (which would have a negative impact on language development for the babies which is a core focus of any session), I feel that for any group work face to face, I am going to be conducting this outside.

I have also been in communication with the local children's centres that I had been teaching with before lockdown, and as they have no plans to resume face to face classes until at least the New Year, there are going to be increasing limitations regarding venues over an ongoing period.

So behind the scenes, I have been playing with some ideas: I am going to continue to run any sessions suitable for pregnancy, information based workshops, and baby interaction classes online due to the nature and/or risk factors of the sessions (Baby Massage, Sensory Play for babies, Yoga for Pregnancy, Baby & Infant Sleep, Introducing Solids, Antenatal Breastfeeding information).

For face to face classes, I have been toying with a Postnatal Program to support parents through the transition to parenthood, which would be outside, with WhatsApp support included, around a location that will enable them to book for coffee after if they so wish. There is also a possibility of localising the Baby Massage and Sensory Play online classes to add in a face to face meet in addition to the online classes, which I am looking at exploring, as well as running Postnatal Yoga at one of the locations due to the open nature.

I would be grateful for some feedback on these ideas, so if you are interested in classes, please fill in the following survey!

All the best and stay safe,


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