Advanced Baby Massage

An Online Course

Starts Tuesday 10th November
12.30pm | £25

A five week online course including follow up videos on massage.

"We had a wondeful time at Baby Massage and met some lovely new friends."
 - Melissa & Rory

Advanced Baby Massage is a great way to build on the foundations of a previous course you have done, or connect with your post-newborn baby through touch.

On the five week course, we will incorporate massage strokes, songs and movements to support your baby's development, and relieve constipation, overtiredness and teething. You will also learn more about your baby's reflexes & cues, and this blend of active and and soothing touch will provide a dynamic environment for relationship building through touch.

Classes are recommended for babies aged from 4 months until they are crawling, or if you have previously attended a baby massage course with me or another provider. If you have an older baby or child you would like to practice massage with or have any questions, please contact me for more information.

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